Dear Younger me, Loyalty Legacy

Dear Younger Me,

I know you struggle with wanting recognition and appreciation.

I am sure you have remained faithful to friends, ministries, etc. It can hurt when that and you are taken for granted.

Perhaps, your loyalty and devotion and service have gone unnoticed.

You may want to complain. You may want to demand recognition. Or perhaps you want to quit, ending your loyalty.

But honestly, would it be so bad to be remembered for being loyal all your life? For people to look back and see how you remained even when your own interests were perhaps ignored?

No, it wouldn’t. So, remain faithful and true even if others forget you are there or forget what you do. It’s worth it, it really is, to at least leave such a beautiful legacy, one in which will glorify the only one that matters.



One of my favorite experiences when rereading the Bible, is discovering new truths and insights in stories you’ve read and heard a million times.

Mark 6:14-20, we see Jesus perform a miracle by casting demons out of a boy.

Jesus looks to two different types of people to have faith.

We have the disciples, who have been with Jesus, learned from Him, seen His miracles, and we have the father of the demon possessed son. This man may have heard of Jesus’ miracles, but he is essentially a desperate man hoping in any way to save his child.

In response to this father’s desperate plea, Jesus says, “Anything is possible for one who believes.” (v. 23).

The man claims, “I do believe, help me overcome my unbelief” (v.24).

Then we have the disciples. They were unable to cast the demon out of the child, all 12 of them failed in this.

The disciples do not understand why they failed, so they ask Jesus, “Why couldn’t we drive it out?” (v. 20).

“This kind can only come out by prayer.” Jesus replies in verse 24.

So here we have very different hearts and responses.

The disciples relied on their own knowledge and experience in this situation.

My study bible says, “they had taken for granted the power given to them. They had forgotten their power of demons came from trusting In Jesus and his power.”

Essentially, the disciples had become arrogant. They forgot who taught them. They forgot who they were there for. They forgot who was Lord, so they failed.

Yet we have the father on the other hand. He lacked the knowledge and experience with Jesus that the disciples had. And even he wasn’t fully sold over to 100% belief, but he responds with humility and reliance on God. Even in his unbelief, he gives the trust and power over to Jesus.

Which one are you in your walk with God right now?

I am so much like the disciples. I’ve been going to church and doing ministry for so long, sometimes I think I am doing it with my own strength, my own skills, and yet that’s the path to failure.

Let us all be like the father and approach Jesus with a humble and desperate heart, praying “help me overcome my unbelief.”

Dear Younger me, Security comes from…

Dear Younger Me,

No amount of compliments you get, likes on Facebook or Instagram, parties you are invited to, will give you unshakeable security.

What you’re looking for, that feeling of assuredness, that you are loved, you’re worth something, you are approved of, you can and will only find it in one place.

When you look on the cross, you’ll see it in Jesus’ face.

That’s the only place you’ll always find it. He’s the only one who can give you everlasting security. So, stop looking everywhere else!!

Minor Musings during Movies

In most films that have a battle, it’s usually depicted as good vs. evil, though sometimes we see the grey in war. In Lord of the Rings though, it truly is good vs. evil, no question about it.

In Return of the King, there’s a scene where the orcs are marching upon Minas Tirith, the steward of Gondor shouting for the men to abandon their post. Heads of their dead comrades are being thrown at them. Screams, death, horror, pain. What hope can there be?

Yet Gandalf tells them not to abandon their posts, he tells them to keep fighting.

It made me think about the battle we are fighting every day. As followers of Christ, we are truly living in a fallen world, one in which evil runs rampant. The only reason it doesn’t completely win, is because God loves us so much and He has already saved the world from sin.

Yet, we are still at war. We are meant to bring light, love, goodness into the world. We are fighting a battle against evil with our words, actions, thoughts, with anything and everything pure, right, just, and good. It helps me to think this way, because when you are fighting a real battle, you don’t just give up when hope seems lost. You can’t.  If you did, you’d be giving up on what you’re fighting for. No. You keep fighting because even if you die, you did your best and died fighting for good. Therefore, we can’t give up living or being good, loving when things are “tough”. We keep fighting even without seeing the light or hope in the battle.

Hope Again

Acts 14:8-10

 In Lystra there sat a man who was lame. He had been that way from birth and had never walked. He listened to Paul as he was speaking. Paul looked directly at him, saw that he had faith to be healed 10 and called out, “Stand up on your feet!” At that, the man jumped up and began to walk.

Here we see a lame man, treated poorly by his society, overlooked, probably unloved by most, and I would imagine in a constant sate of hopelessness and discouragement.

I think it’s important that it is said he has been lame since birth, he has never walked. Now we have a fuller picture of this man’s live and probably state of mind. How could he ever have hope to walk or for thins to change, when it has been this way his entire life?

Yet, when he heard Paul speak, when he heard the gospel, about Jesus, hope was renewed and he was healed. His life changed! He “jumped up and began to walk.”

I want to challenge you and myself. Maybe there is a pain you have lived with a long time: the pain of being single, the pain of unemployment, broken relationships, emotional or physical pain. You’ve lost hope. How could anything ever change when it’s been this way, maybe forever.

If you don’t know Jesus as your personal Savior, I urge you to read Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. Meet the One who brings light to darkness. Experience hope in the gospel of Christ.

If you know Jesus. I will be blunter with you. Your hopelessness is a poor witness to everyone around you. If you, who has the hope and life of Christ living inside of you, feels like giving up, why would anyone want to follow your Jesus? I challenge you to look at your pain and tell it that you believe God’s power is stronger than it. Tell it you have hope because you know Jesus.

Let others see that you have faith just by looking into your eyes. And just wait, you may find yourself jumping and walking again.

Dear Younger me, the Adventure on your Own

Dear Younger Me,

There is so much value in doing things alone.

It’s not always enjoyable, but it teaches you something.

You don’t always feel comfortable or confident while being alone, but you will after you’ve done it.

One day, you’ll be in a new city, state, or country even. You’ll have few  or no friends because you’re new and you’ll have a sudden sense of adventure. You want to see places, taste different foods, explore.

As you have no one to do it with, you’ll go on your own.

You’ll sit at a table in a 4-star yelp restaurant. People may watch, you may feel strange, but the food will taste delicious and somehow, you’ll feel stronger.

You’ll walk on the sidewalk alone more confidently, you’ll share the beauty of a hike or mountain with yourself. You’ll find yourself slowly but sweetly in these solo moments. Seriously, embrace them.

You’re not really alone anyways. You’re sharing each moment with a God who loves you. Being alone will teach you that God is your only true and steady companion.

And nothing is more amazing than that.

Violent Love

When I say here’s my heart Lord

I don’t say it with my arms weakly at my sides

In a whisper that can only be heard by myself


With my arms stretching so high to the heavens that it is almost a strain

And with a shout so desperate and passionate that it sounds like a cry

Rather than normal speech

When I say here’s my heart Lord

I so intensely want my heart in Your hands

My heart changed and molded by You

That I would rip it out of my chest and give it into Your hands

Because I know that is where it would be better taken care of