Dear Younger Me, Just Because

Dear Younger me,

Just because a man is good, kind, handsome, Godly, etc., and you are also a pretty darn good catch, doesn’t mean you’ll end up together.

If he doesn’t like you, that doesn’t mean you are less. Your identity, your awesomeness is not tied to him.

God loves you and if a good guy like that is not your possible partner, then trust that the Lord has something even better up His sleeve. Don’t start questioning the person you are. Start identifying the ways God has made you and blessed you.


Dear Younger me Stop Guessing and Wait

Dear Younger me,
Stop trying to guess what God has up His sleeves for you. You’ll take the fun out of life.
Besides, whatever you guess, will fall incredibly short of His plans for you.
He loves you more than anything in the world.


Dear Younger me,

Wait. There’s no need to rush.
Right now it may seem like if you don’t act, the chance will slip away.
If we are talking about relationships, you don’t have to jump into them.
If a guy likes you in the right way, the unselfish way, he’ll stick around.
If you’re unsure, if your emotions aren’t clear, do him and yourself a favor and be patient.
If he goes away, he wasn’t worth it and you won’t have missed your chance. You will have missed some heart break.
Stop moving forward without checking the path ahead of you.
Take your time. Get to know him. Know your own feelings. It will be worth the wait.

“The One”

Everyone in this world is looking for “the One”, their soul mate, that one true love! I used to be too, but now I know it doesn’t exist. Not to say there isn’t someone out there for you, who can be a partner, friend, companion for the rest of your days, but “the one” is not that guy or girl you have been searching for all your life.

Jesus is the One! To quote a classic romantic love song, “He is all you’ll ever hope for, He’s all you’ll ever need”. And truth be told, He is the only one who can meet those romantic movie expectations of Yours.

Sadly, even followers of Jesus walk around waiting for “the One”, acting like they haven’t already found Him. Wake up! You have! He’s here and He’ll never leave you. Stop searching for that magical soul mate, because Jesus knows your soul better than any boy or girl ever could.

Dear Younger me, Butterflies and Trust

Dear Younger me,

It’s okay to feel nervous. Over time, as you learn to trust in the Lord, those nerves will disappear because you will hand it all over to Him. This takes time!

I’ve learned to see scary moments as opportunities to have an adventure with God. Somehow this keeps the butterflies and queasiness at bay, but it took different experiences to get me here and it’s still not perfect.

Nerves and fear even still can give me that anxious dread in the pit of my stomach. However, I think it’s okay to feel that. If you are still, in your nervousness, sitting there, trusting Him, calling on His name, praising Him, you are still choosing the right path and winning a spiritual battle.

If you keep choosing to trust Him, even in your fear, He’ll honor that and those butterflies will slowly fade away.



Beautiful things don’t ask for Attention

Psalm 19: 1-4

“The skies proclaim the work of his hands. Day after day they pour forth speech; night after night they reveal knowledge. They have no speech, they use no words; no sound is heard from them. Yet their voice goes out into all the earth, their words to the ends of the world.”

When we look up at a beautiful blue sky or a blazing sunset or even a black abyss with sparkling stars, it is hard to deny the existence of a creator.

We become moved by His creativity, power, and care.

Yet, the sky did not literally speak to us, making sure we knew God created it, God is creative and powerful.

Not to say speech isn’t powerful, as it says in Colossians; “Let your conversation be always full of grace, seasoned with salt.” Certainly through our speech we can impact someone’s day, someone’s life! And God calls us to proclaim the gospel which often time means we must speak.

However, i think we open our mouths more often than we should.

If the sky spoke as much as we do, I believe it would lose its beauty and powerful message.

I think we also can choose to not speak so that God can be revealed to others. Our actions, our posture, our smile, our work, can all point loudly back to God.

Amazingly, though the sky does not speak, “their voice goes out into all the earth, their words to the ends of the world.”

You are just as beautiful, even more miraculous of a creation than the sky. If the sky can say SO much without speaking, I believe we can too.

Just Dance

Dear Younger me,

I am in no way a health expert. I enjoy eating far too much and hate things like running or hot yoga.

I was, honestly, an overweight child; something that caused me to have insecurity about my appearance at a young age.

I can’t give you a diet regiment or exercise plan to explain why I have thinned out. It was a combination of puberty and perhaps eating less out of boredom and more because I was actually hungry.

Know now, above all else, that you’re beautiful no matter what the scale says or the tv tells you what “all” women should look like. God made you. He finds you incredibly beautiful.

I’ve never been athletic, probably because, as an overweight kid, I felt ashamed of my lack of endurance and lack of skill in sports. Basically, I was embarrassed. I still haven’t caught onto the sports playing craze and I am still far too self-conscious to play a number of team sports, even if it’s for “fun”.

Again, I am no health expert, but I do believe no matter how athletic you are, you can find something active you truly enjoy. Others may not think of it as a real exercise, but honestly, who cares? I loved doing Richard Simmons aerobics as a kid and now, I love walking, and doing 30 minutes of Just Dance each day.

Most people would tease me for my choice of workout, but the jokes on them, because I actually want to exercise and I always have a blast doing it.

Whatever it is for you- swimming, walking, goat yoga 😉, zumba, workouts to tv shows or movies- YOU DO IT PROUDLY!

If it helps, just imagine me doing Just Dance in my tiny room in my apartment and having the time of my life.

My Arms can Bend a Bow of Bronze

I wonder, if we could only see the darkest situations in our life from a different perspective, would we respond differently?

When we go through something hard, I feel like we think, So what? This is no different than other people’s suffering or we think Oh, this is just part of life. Both thoughts are true and realistic. However, it treats the situation as though it’s not a battle against darkness we cannot see.

The Bible tells us a spiritual battle is being fought constantly. I believe our darkest situations are like the Waterloos of this ultimate war we are in.

Seeing our dark circumstances in this way may seem counterintuitive, as we may feel scared and unprepared for such a fight.

At the same time, since we are facing how much we lack to fight the fight, we are forced to seek help; ultimately, help from God.

As it says in Psalms:

“He makes my feet like the feet of a deer;

He causes me to stand on the heights.

He trains my hands for battle,

My arms can bend a bow of bronze.

You make your saving help my shield and your right hand sustains me.”

If you are in dark circumstances right now, KNOW you are in a huge battle. That is why it’s so painful and tiring. There will be casualties (friendships ended, your joy diminishing, money loss, etc.).

But, God will provide you with the aid you need. He will give you strength to fight with an ability you didn’t think you had. He will train you continuously to be capable of responding appropriately in these dark times.

He will “sustain you, shield you, and be your help.”