Before and After

As some of you may know, I was offered an internship in Minnesota for this summer back in April. The internship involves working at a National Wildlife Refuge pretty much surrounded by lakes. All I know is what the supervisor and other interns have told me about the refuge and I know a bit more from the website and pictures. Everything will be somewhat a surprise when I get there, but I know, no matter what, it will be an incredible experience because it will teach me a lot. It is a good test run for the real world, I think, since lately I have been thinking about how hard it will be when I have to move out of my parents house and look for an actual job and live on my own. It might sound silly to some of you who have been dying to move out since you were in your teens, but I enjoy my house, I watch a movie with my parents every night, and I love my state, beautiful Arizona.

The facts:
1. I will be working at Rydell and Glacial Ridge National Wildlife Refuges.
2. I am the visitors services intern.
3.My job consists of environmental education to K-12 grades and wildlife interpretation to the general public.
4. I will be living on site in a bunkhouse.
5. There are already two interns/employees living at the bunkhouse.
6. It’s absolutely beautiful there. šŸ™‚ Sorry, more of an opinion, I guess.

Those are the facts. I leave today at 2:58 PM, with two very big, very heavy suitcases, a carry on bag, and my backpack. My flight will be about four hours long. Once I get there and experience a week of getting to know my surroundings, I will write another post… the “after” part. I am sure I will be able to tell you a lot more facts.

I am sure my biggest challenge, will be cooking for myself. :p



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