When life gives you lemons….

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade, a time old saying that I always found extremely cheesy and useless. Yes, life can be sour sometimes, but it’s not that simple, you can’t just make lemonade. Sometimes life throws you an oddly shaped lemon that tastes so bad you can’t even make lemonade with it. Do you know what I say to that? Drink it anyways! Do not waste that lemon, no matter how sour it is as a lemon or lemonade. Even if it is the grossest thing you have ever tasted, drink it all down.

Life is filled with events, moments, situations that absolutely suck. These situations, events, moments might be a new job, an ending relationship, a huge transition or maybe just life in general is throwing you lots of bad lemons and you are just not enjoying it. It would be easy to throw the lemons back and run away, but what a waste. Honestly, no matter how ugly or sour it is, you can’t waste it. Don’t just turn it into lemonade, make it your own, deal with it in your own unique way as long as you DO IT.

I may not handle things in the same way others do, but that’s ok. I can’t run away from situations that are difficult, especially when in the end they make you stronger. And if you think about it…. once you have tasted very sour lemonade, you learn a lot, right? You make sure you make it better the next time or drink it slower or ultimately, you make sure to choose a sweeter lemon, but you ABSOLUTELY know you can drink the sourest lemonade in the future!