For the Lord, Not Man

I’ve decided to post on Wednesdays and Sundays, just in case anyone cares :P.

1 Chronicles 29:1

“The task is great, because this palatial structure is not for man, but for the Lord God.”


Remember that, remember when times are hard, when you’re tired, disappointed, even angry, that what you are doing is for the Lord, not man (that includes yourself).


You probably aren’t tasked with building a palatial structure like Solomon, but whatever specific task God has given to you, however great (and if it’s from the Lord, it’s great) rest in the fact that it isn’t for anyone but the Lord!


This releases you from insecurities, expectations, pride, and allows you to do your work passionately only looking for God’s approval which you will receive always if you live according to His Will!

David’s Response

I have struggled with reading the old testament of the Bible and understanding it and drawing a purpose from it, though I know without a doubt it is God’s word and is just as important as any other part of the Bible. Just this morning God was able to help me see so much from one passage and I wanted to share it.


From the old testament, 1 Chronicles 14: 10-11:


10 so David inquired of God” Shall I go and attack the Philistines? Will you deliver them into my hands?”

The Lord answered him, “Go, I will deliver them into your hands.”


11 So David and his men went up to Baal Perazim, and there he defeated them. He said, “As waters break out, God has broken out against my enemies by my hand.”


David did not hesitate. David was about to face an army, something absolutely terrifying. He could have easily ran, he could have done anything but fight them but, the instant God said he would deliver them into his hands, David went into battle. Do we have that kind of faith in our everyday life?


When God says He will do something, do we doubt Him?


Will we face a challenge without a second thought because not only is our God with us always but the spirit has told us it is God’s will?


Not only that, but do we seek Christ first and foremost when facing an army, a test, a tough decision, a hardship?


David instantly went to God and asked Him if he should make the next step, if God willed it.


Can we do that daily? And if we do that daily will our life change? Yes! Just as David asked, listened and did without question what God willed, he won a battle against an entire army and so can we.

Depths of our Heart

A short devotional I wrote a while back:

2 Chronicles 6:30
“For you a lone know the human heart..”
Therefore, I should not try so hard to change others or think about how they are doing wrong. I should lift it up to you in prayer.
Matthew 19:14
“Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”
What right do we have to deny those, judge those who have an interest in the Lord?
Do not think, “O that person isn’t really interested in God.” or “Because they drink, have sex, act non Christ like, they aren’t pursuing the Lord.”
Writing a person off, judging them is hindering them from growing. Don’t hinder them from learning the truth because of your attitude.

What Christmas Means to me

For so many years of my life, Christmas was just the wonderful holiday when Jesus was born. We sang Christmas carols and we opened presents.

I realize that there is THE meaning of Christmas, the birth of Jesus Christ, God’s son, but I just wanted to share personally what it means to me.

Anyways, when you grow up in a church, you never wonder what Christmas is about, but it took a really long time for the meaning to hit me to my soul. It didn’t move me so much as a younger person. Of course I was happy that Jesus was born, but my mind was mostly on other things, more the spirit of Christmas than the Savior of Christmas.

I had chosen to follow Jesus, accepted His sacrifice, confessed my sins, said the prayer, in 4th grade. But it was in my later high school and early college years when the whole concept of living for Christ and the sacrifice He made hit me hard.

Through my best friend cutting me out of her life, a very much failed relationship with someone, a struggle with school and confidence, my savior became my best friend.

So, it hit me. Just like how I get excited about celebrating my sister’s birthday or a close friend and being full of gratitude that that person was born and put into my life, Christmas was the same.

My best friend was born. The only friend who sticks by me no matter what, never fails me, blesses me, protects me, listens to me, loves me unconditionally, gives me the best advice, and comforts me, was born! Finally, I got it. I’m celebrating the birth of the most important person (God) in my life. So, now, every Christmas, I am so excited, so overjoyed that my best friend was sent to the earth to save the world and love us all!

And on Christmas day, in the midst of opening gifts and fixing beignets, telling stories, cleaning up, I have that silent moment in my room when my heart feels overwhelming love and gratitude for Jesus Christ!


Jesus is Present

Bear with me in this post. I wrote it in the midst of waiting in line for hours upon hours at Disneyland. I am not sure if my thought process was 100% clear, but God reveals things to us through all situations whether we are tired or not. 😉

Mark 14:6-8

“Leave her alone,” said Jesus. “Why are you bothering her? She has done a beautiful thing to me. The poor you will always have with you,[a] and you can help them any time you want. But you will not always have me. She did what she could. She poured perfume on my body beforehand to prepare for my burial.

Jesus is not physically present with us now, but we should still pour perfume on Him.

It’s a bit like the story of Mary and Martha. Martha forgets to focus on Jesus because she is worried and stressed over preparations. In this passage, people are criticizing the actions of this woman who poured out expensive perfume onto Jesus’ feet.

Now, Jesus tells them, “She has done a beautiful thing to me. The poor you will always have with you. But you will not always have me.”

Jesus is probably, simply referring to the fact that He will be leaving His life on earth soon, therefore spend that time focused on Him. Still, I can’t help but take more from this.

As we spend our day so focused on how to spend our money and time, worrying over what we didn’t or did do, stressing over the smallest details of life, all He wants us to do is to focus on Him a lone.

That is what He is constantly trying to teach us. He gives and takes away to show us He is the constant one, He is what we should always be seeking, serving, pleasing.

And truly, when you make Him bigger than everything else, life takes a different perspective.

The Little Drummer Boy

I think everyone knows this song fairly well, or the awesome claymation movie.

I personally grew up listening to and singing it. I never disliked it… how could I with the rum pum pum pum part? What kid hates singing the drums? But, for the longest time I overlooked it , I simply summed it up as a cute song about a little boy meeting Jesus.

When I got to college, it became one of my favorite Christmas songs.

It literally imagines what it would be like for anyone of us normal people to see baby Jesus, the king.

Just like the drummer boy, we would “have no gift to bring, at least not to fit a king”. Any gift we would give Him would never be great enough, would never express enough gratitude and love.

But, the boy has one thing, a talent he has been given. He can play his drum for Him!

And we all have something like that. In our life we can either live like we have no gift to give Him or we can give Him everything we have and play our heart out for Him. Whatever it is, money, art, serving others, engineering. He has blessed you with unique experiences and talents.

And the best part of the song is once the boy plays his best for Him….. HE SMILES AT HIM!

He does that with us too. When we do our best for Him and no on else. When we gift Him our talents, our life… He smiles at us.

Mary Answers the Call

I’ve always admired Mary, the mother of Jesus, of course! How could you not look up to a woman who as a pregnant virgin teenager, traveled a long distance to Bethlehem with Herod after her and her child? Yup…. she’s pretty awesome!

I never really felt like I could identify with her though. Mostly because it’s extremely clear that she was one of the most faithful women at that time. God chose her for an incredible task. I’ve also never been a pregnant virgin…. haha.

This year, my understanding and admiration for Mary and her story came to new heights.

In reading a book called Plan B by Peter Wilson, he showed me how Mary’s situation is not only applicable but an example to us all.

Mary, a young teenage girl, was about to marry the man of her dreams. She had remained pure and faithful throughout her life. She had met an extremely righteous man. Then in one night, all her plans for herself, all her dreams changed.

Sure, what Mary is offered is an honor….but no one would say it was an easy task.

She’s basically told by the angel that her dreams and future plans were no longer going to happen.She would become pregnant, which meant a number of things for her social life. All those years of remaining pure and faithful would be put into question by everyone she knew. Of course most people would assume Mary got pregnant because she hadn’t remained a virgin! Her fiancee would probably leave her all a lone. And, as my pastor pointed out, she would probably be put to death for her “sins”.

Not exactly a bright future ahead of her.

But, her response. This teenage girl, I am sure full of fear, allowed her faith in God to win over.

She tells the angel, “I am the Lord’s servant.”

WHAT?! That is true devotion. This doesn’t mean that after this point Mary never doubted again or never sinned. It just meant she had decided to trust the Lord with her future. She abandoned her own “imagined life” to serve her Lord in whatever way He asked her.

Things weren’t honky dory after that. Joseph was going to divorce her,king Herod wanted to kill her baby. BUT because she had faith, God was there working.

And He’s always working for you too. Whether you have great faith in the moment or not. He doesn’t forsake you!

If you do not respond like Mary, which most of us wouldn’t, you’re just causing yourself worry, a life away from God’s will. When you surrender, things don’t get easy, but you know that you are serving Him and that brings joy.

When your plan B happens…. take it from Mary and relinquish your dreams to the Lords, allow Him to work, and trust that He will always be there.