Mary Answers the Call

I’ve always admired Mary, the mother of Jesus, of course! How could you not look up to a woman who as a pregnant virgin teenager, traveled a long distance to Bethlehem with Herod after her and her child? Yup…. she’s pretty awesome!

I never really felt like I could identify with her though. Mostly because it’s extremely clear that she was one of the most faithful women at that time. God chose her for an incredible task. I’ve also never been a pregnant virgin…. haha.

This year, my understanding and admiration for Mary and her story came to new heights.

In reading a book called Plan B by Peter Wilson, he showed me how Mary’s situation is not only applicable but an example to us all.

Mary, a young teenage girl, was about to marry the man of her dreams. She had remained pure and faithful throughout her life. She had met an extremely righteous man. Then in one night, all her plans for herself, all her dreams changed.

Sure, what Mary is offered is an honor….but no one would say it was an easy task.

She’s basically told by the angel that her dreams and future plans were no longer going to happen.She would become pregnant, which meant a number of things for her social life. All those years of remaining pure and faithful would be put into question by everyone she knew. Of course most people would assume Mary got pregnant because she hadn’t remained a virgin! Her fiancee would probably leave her all a lone. And, as my pastor pointed out, she would probably be put to death for her “sins”.

Not exactly a bright future ahead of her.

But, her response. This teenage girl, I am sure full of fear, allowed her faith in God to win over.

She tells the angel, “I am the Lord’s servant.”

WHAT?! That is true devotion. This doesn’t mean that after this point Mary never doubted again or never sinned. It just meant she had decided to trust the Lord with her future. She abandoned her own “imagined life” to serve her Lord in whatever way He asked her.

Things weren’t honky dory after that. Joseph was going to divorce her,king Herod wanted to kill her baby. BUT because she had faith, God was there working.

And He’s always working for you too. Whether you have great faith in the moment or not. He doesn’t forsake you!

If you do not respond like Mary, which most of us wouldn’t, you’re just causing yourself worry, a life away from God’s will. When you surrender, things don’t get easy, but you know that you are serving Him and that brings joy.

When your plan B happens…. take it from Mary and relinquish your dreams to the Lords, allow Him to work, and trust that He will always be there.


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