The Little Drummer Boy

I think everyone knows this song fairly well, or the awesome claymation movie.

I personally grew up listening to and singing it. I never disliked it… how could I with the rum pum pum pum part? What kid hates singing the drums? But, for the longest time I overlooked it , I simply summed it up as a cute song about a little boy meeting Jesus.

When I got to college, it became one of my favorite Christmas songs.

It literally imagines what it would be like for anyone of us normal people to see baby Jesus, the king.

Just like the drummer boy, we would “have no gift to bring, at least not to fit a king”. Any gift we would give Him would never be great enough, would never express enough gratitude and love.

But, the boy has one thing, a talent he has been given. He can play his drum for Him!

And we all have something like that. In our life we can either live like we have no gift to give Him or we can give Him everything we have and play our heart out for Him. Whatever it is, money, art, serving others, engineering. He has blessed you with unique experiences and talents.

And the best part of the song is once the boy plays his best for Him….. HE SMILES AT HIM!

He does that with us too. When we do our best for Him and no on else. When we gift Him our talents, our life… He smiles at us.


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