Your Legacy

2 Chronicles 6:8-9


8 But the Lord said to my father David, ‘It was good that you wanted to build a temple for me. 9 But you are not the one to build it. Your son, who comes from your own body, is the one who will build my temple.’


You may be preparing the way for someone else.


At times we struggle with not seeing tangible fruit from our labor. We don’t get to see that finished temple that we thought up or maybe we don’t see a specific person come to Christ through us personally.


We may even begin to resent that. Wondering if anything we do is useful and aiding the kingdom. Why can’t I build the temple? Why did all that time spent with that person not bing them to Christ?


BUT, like David, we are given a task, a desire, a path from God. We may not see its fruits immediately or ever but God is working and the work will go to glorify God’s kingdom.


David’s duty was to serve Christ and pass on his faith, wisdom, and vision to someone else so they could build the temple.


Similarly, you may be faithful to someone, building up a relationship, pouring out wisdom and your hope is your leading them to Christ, but your looking for that “temple”. You are leading them to Christ but you may just be the start, you may be their first taste of Christ’s love and somewhere down the road they will meet someone who will continue your work and lead them to Christ (build the temple).Trust His plan, His timing, His will.


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