No Direction

You know, I get frustrated sometimes when I read the Bible passages where God gives someone, especially the disciples directions, and they do them and it works. I get frustrated because sometimes I wonder where my directions are. Why isn’t He telling me where to live next? What work to do? etc.

I was reading parts of The Last Supper in Mark 14:12-15. Jesus gives his disciples very specific instructions to meet with a man carrying a jug of water. Why can’t God be that specific with me? I thought.

The thing is, the disciples didn’t understand His directions, but they did it and had success. So, I think often times we are looking so hard for a specific command, a clear sign, that we are missing His directions.  I don’t mean that you aren’t hearing Him, I mean that He is leading you through somethings, directing you even if it isn’t clear right now.

He many not tell you where to go, what to do, who to marry clearly right now, but don’t doubt for a second that He isn’t walking before you, making a path, and holding your hand. So, you keep walking on it.


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