Unfailing Love

Psalm 44, specifically verse 26.

Oh how I love, the Psalms! They are not only beautiful  and poetic, but relate able and revealing.

In Psalm 44, these is a lot of crying out to God wondering where He is. The majority of the passage is made up of the writer listing all the terrible, bad things happening to him. He’s not having an easy time and he’s remained faithful… so where is God?

But, that’s what I love about Psalms in general. Because despite the complaints or the doubts, even, it always ends with faith in God’s character. At the end of Psalm 44, he says, “rescue us because of your unfailing love.”

If we know our God at all, we know His character, that He never forsakes us, never stops loving us, protecting us.

So when the bad happens, we might cry out, we might wonder where He is in the situation, but we Don’t blame Him and we always know His love is unfailing.



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