Jesus Predicts Peter’s Denial

Mark 14:27-31

We all know the story of Peter’s denial of Christ. Peter is famously known for acting without thinking and in that sense, he did some very courageous, faithful things, but his pride, his absolute conviction that he was perfectly faithful was his downfall often.

In this passage, he tells Jesus that he would never fall away like the others, he will never disown Jesus.

Of course, we know he does disown Jesus. AND this, all just reminds me of how we should all handle our spiritual maturity.

Sometimes, I find myself thinking “Oh man am I mature! I already know this and that and others don’t.” In a sense, I begin to think like the pharisees, that I’m higher than others in my thinking. Like Peter, I put myself up on a pedestal, almost imagining that I am past certain sins, past certain lessons, immune to certain immature actions. BUT, as we seen with Peter, that attitude usually brings upon Satan’s attacks and we slide back into a specific sin.

After reading this passage, I very much realize that no matter how spiritually mature you are, there’s still room to learn and grow, and you must remain humble.

Thus, never treat anyone who is earlier on their walk with Christ lesser than you. We are all learning, all walking, and all prove to stumbling.


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