Timing is Everything

Esther 4:14

Esther has always been one of my favorite female heroines of the bible ever since I watched the incredible Veggie Tales version.

Now, after how ever many years, I am finally, actually reading Esther.

I have not yet reached Esther’s bravest moments, but I have already run across so much faith and insight.

Just today I read chapter 4 and came across a specifically telling line.

Mordecai is mourning over Haman’s decree to kill all Jews. He tells Esther about the decree and asks her to speak to the king.

Esther responds by telling Mordecai that she could be killed if she enters the king’s presence.

Mordecai doesn’t have any piety for her, probably because all of his people are about to be murdered, but he says one thing specifically that I think really clicks with Esther and makes her step out in faith.

“And who knows but that you have come to your royal position for such a time as this?”

Woah! That makes you think, doesn’t it? It certainly made Esther think. For a while there, maybe Esther thought she had been placed there due to her own beauty or charm, or maybe she even was cursing it all, having to hide her background, being forced into marriage… who knows? But, I have no doubt that Esther at one point in time forgot that God was orchestrating everything.

When you start to question where you are, whether it’s at a lousy job or your dream job, or maybe your jobless and feel like your going nowhere, DO NOT doubt for a moment that God put you there and plans to use you. Just do not ignore the calling.

He used Esther for something so great, but she had to be willing, brave, and faithful. Are you ready for that in your situation and do you have the patience to see how He will use you?


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