Lead Me to the Cross

Mark 15:38-39

There are so many posts about how we should always remember the cross. If I were being honest, I would say I sometimes get tired of reading about it, but that attitude in itself shows that I need to center my attention on the cross more than ever.

In this passage, when a centurion, a servant of the Roman empire, a solider who obeys orders, sees Jesus’ death on the cross he believes that Jesus is the son of God.

This just simply reminds me of the power of the cross and Christ’s death.

When we are doubting God’s power, His plans, His sovereignty, His love, His will, really any part of His character, we must go back to the cross, we must focus on Hid death, His sacrifice.

Because, if a faithless Roman solider can look at the cross in a second and believe in the son of God, we surely, as believers, can look upon the cross and believe in God’s character.

So do not wait to return to the cross. Meditate on it daily.


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