Feet on the Ground, Heart in Heaven

“My feet on the ground, my heart in heaven.”

Lyrics have a way of speaking to us personally, whether it hits a spot of serenity within us or pushes a button.

This line from the song Deliverance by Strahan is one I always smile at and pray that I live by.

2015-15 is the year I participated in something called Surge. Churches around AZ had members of their congregation participiating in this bible class/conference, incredible experience. We read very popular Christian books and discussed them. Each book and discussion brought us closer to Christ and revealing new concepts to us. It was life changing for me and a great step closer in my walk with God.

One of the many things that came up was the fact that many Christians live either too much in heaven or too much on earth.

If we live too much in the world, so focused on earthly pleasures and sorrows, we are no longer living like we are set apart, which we are called to do. Called o store all our treasures in heaven as this earth will pass away.

BUT, many Christians also have the attitude of believing so much their home and destination is in heaven that they ignore the world. We are also called to be lights in the darkness. To bring a foretaste of God’s kingdom to the earth. We can’t do that if we are looking so far ahead to heaven, saying we don’t belong on this earth, with an attitude that the earth doesn’t matter.

My point is, we should live with our feet on the ground and out heart in heaven.

A long as God keeps you on earth, you are meant to serve Him on earth, to do His will and glorify Him on earth! But always our trust should be for our Lord in heaven, and yes, that is our home! We can’t put full faith and confidence in anything on earth because we are meant to put it in Christ.

Thus, let’s don’t forget to walk this world with your savior, but to give your heart and soul to Him in heaven.

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