Finding Favor in Christ

Luke 1:28 & 30

“Mary, you have found favor with God.”

It just struck me today, how beautiful and sometimes misunderstood this moment is.

There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that Mary was an especially faithful and righteous woman of God. The Lord knew her heart and trusted His son with her.

But, God’s favor falling upon Mary doesn’t make her holier than thou, or some kind of angel or God herself.

The reason I find this to all be so beautiful is because, Mary is the first of many to come to be highly favored because of Christ’s coming.

She providentially happens to be the one carrying Christ, thus making for a different case than others, but still illustrating for the first time the power of Christ’s coming.

Because of Christ’s coming, we all are now highly favored. We have all found favor with the Lord. Christ’s coming lead to his crucifixion, sacrifice, and resurrection! All of this makes each of us equally forgiven of our sins and loved by God.

Mary was just the first to see the favor Christ’s coming would bring to the world.


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