Give In Completely

Luke 1:63-64

“He asked for a writing tablet and to everyone’s astonishment he wrote, ‘His name is John.’ Immediately his mouth was opened and his tongue set free, and he began to speak, praising God…”

Here we have the birth of John the Baptist, a miracle, as Elizabeth was well passed the age of bearing children. Zechariah, her husband, has been and is still deaf in speech due to his unbelief.

I wonder in this passage why it took so long for the Lord to return Zechariah’s speech. Hadn’t Zechariah already believed? It isn’t stated he had, but as soon as that child was born or as soon as Elizabeth became pregnant, He must have believed. So, why didn’t God return his speech until he wrote on the tablet?

I am being repetitive, I know, to a purpose (like Paul).

The truth is Zechariah probably had believed in God’s power during his wife’s pregnancy,  but I guarantee you he had many doubts. I am sure he was excited and praising the Lord, then wondering the next second if the baby would survive, wondering even perhaps if the baby was truly from the Lord.

It wasn’t until he gave in fully to the Lord’s will in everything, even in his son’s name, that God restored his speech. Even though others thought it crazy and strange to name their son John, Zechariah was fully convicted in his heart and mind to follow God’s plans so he showed that to others by writing on the tablet.

We have to do the same. No matter how crazy it seems, no matter how impossible, or scary, or confusing, we need to believe wholeheartedly in God’s power. Preferably immediately and not later, so the Lord doesn’t have to silence us to teach us something.

And we shouldn’t keep our faith and trust in His power to ourselves. Sure, sometimes people won’t understand us, but you never know, you may get a response like this… “All the neighbors were filled with awe” and that glorifies the Lord.

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