I read a wonderful devotional every morning called Jesus is Calling by Sarah Young.

It was Jan. 1st when I read the first page and read an insane sentence!

“Give yourself fully to this adventure of increasing attentiveness to my presence.”

THAT is a bold statement. You’re probably wondering why I would say that.

The world says life is an adventure too: make friends, travel, fall in love, party, get a great career, have children, go to Disneyland 😉 YOLO!

But as Christians our adventure looks different. All we are meant to do is be more attentive of the Lord. The more I live (and I know I am only 22), the more I realize how true that is.

Life isn’t truly about where I work, whom I marry, where I live. All of that is important of course, it comes from the Lord, and He uses it as much as other things in our life, but what He truly calls us to do is seek Him.

So to me, that sentence communicates something that is repeated so often in the Bible. No matter your circumstances, married, single, jobless, successful, no money ,rich, be content and seek Him because that’s where the adventures lies!


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