Go On Our Way

Luke 4:14-30

This is a passage I often think of when I feel out of place or unnoticed or unaccepted somewhere.

Perhaps it’s due to my personality or how sensitive I am, but throughout my life I have felt rejected over and over again: rejected by family members, rejected by church members, rejected by work and friends, many times, many ways.

So, of course, when Jesus says, “no prophet is accepted in his hometown”, I took comfort in that and yet I have stayed in Arizona all my life.

I’m not meaning to throw a piety party for myself but it was essential to explain the context for this post.

I think sometimes we can be called to do something, to serve in ministry, to work at a specific company, to get married, to start a church, and we’ll face opposition, we’ll face obstacles.

We may get fired, we may go through failed relationships or just not attract anyone around us, we may not have enough finances, and people may tell you that God is not calling you to that vocation or step.

Essentially, they will not accept your service.

Sometimes, yes, the Lord is closing a door…. but I KNOW you will see it firmly closed and you will feel Him calling you away rather than just feeling discouraged and unsure.


So let me suggest something. Maybe your calling is failing because He wants you somewhere else, a different state, country, maybe just a different church. Perhaps you’re too close to home.

In that case, it is hard not to over analyze the situation, to worry over costs, losing friends, community, breaking commitments, etc. but live by example.

After Jesus spoke about a prophet not being accepted in his hometown, Jesus was literally about to be thrown off a cliff. I don’t think anyone will be throwing you off a cliff, but sometimes, often, God calls us to do something very drastic that may confuse others, but we will “walk right through the crowd and go on our way.”

If you feel called and you are facing opposition, as the Lord where He wants you and prepared to be placed somewhere different by Him.


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