Job 12:14-15

This will probably be a short and simple post, but I felt this specific passage is very significant.

“What he tears down cannot be rebuilt.”

This verse reminds me that things in our life that have failed, things we have lost, and people who have left our life need to be accepted and let go. Now, this doesn’t apply to every loss.

O’ll give two examples to illustrate what I intended. If you are in an unhealthy relationship with someone, whether a friend or boyfriend/girlfriend, and you can’t see that, God may take it into His own hands to end that relationship and instead of trying desperately to get it back and mourn over the loss, consider the possibility that it was the Lord’s will and it’s set in stone.

I was personally thinking about being fired from my first conservation job. Even in the moment of being fired, I knew God was delivering from a job that brought me little joy. So, instead of becoming more insecure over it and analyzing what happened, where I went wrong over and over again, I accepted it, because when it’s His will, nothing stops it.

The other line that personally stuck me was, “If he holds back the waters, there is drought.” Sometimes, I feel like I am in a figurative drought. I find myself asking the Lord for answers and hearing none, seeking His will and receiving no direction. Even in raising support, though I am incredibly blessed with generous people, there are at least moments of drought when you seem to be at a stopping point.

Anyways, it is comforting to me, that any type of drought is from the Lord and in His control. He’s only holding back the waters because He knows it’s the best for us.

I guess that’s why I love 14-15. Because if I know God is always in control and  I can do nothing to change that, I am able to rest in His power and embrace even when things are not easy.


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