Jesus Calls Levi

Luke 5:27-32

It’s remarkable when you have read a passage your entire life and yet you never fully understood it. I do think as followers of Christ, that continues to be true all your life. God continues to reveal meaning in all of His word until the day we die.

To me, this passage is extreme conviction for all of us. Christians tend to get a bad rep for judging others and criticizing people’s life styles and choices. Unfortunately, a lot of believers do this (many are loving and forgiving), but sin is just as much a part of them as it is non believers, one of its forms is judgement and prejudice.

Let me remind you of something my Christian friends. By all means Levi appeared to be a major sinner of that day. The pharisees certainly considered him too lowly to sit with Jesus, a rabbi and our God.

BUT, Jesus already asked Levi to follow Him and Levi “got up, left everything, and followed him.”

That’s it! Nothing else matters. Stop condemning. Do you see Jesus doing that? Stop trying to change someone’s personality. Jesus only spoke to them in love. And if they follow Him, as Levi did, they have as much of a right to eat at the table with Jesus as you do.


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