No Trying

Luke 6:19

“and the people all tried to touch him, because power was coming from him.”

Isn’t that amazing? Here the disciples and Jesus are surrounded by people, crowds, throngs of people.  If it were you or I, I am sure we would feel claustrophobic, that’s how crowded I imagine it was. And there are sick people, lame people, I’d imagine it was chaotic.

What is it they are all doing? They are desperately trying to touch Jesus to be healed.

This shocks me to my core because in this passage we have people trying to touch Jesus for His power, but cannot reach him. He we are, able to communicate with our Lord, able to have the most intimate relationship with him and yet we take it for granted.

We are not in a line waiting to meet him, we are not out of reach of God’s power.

All we have to do is reach out and touch Him.

Nothing is stopping us.


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