Seek Me First

Luke 10: 38-41

“But Martha was distracted by all the preparations that had to be made.”

We could probably all substitute our names for Martha’s in that verse.

I, myself, am so busy preparing to raise support, worrying over contacts, worrying about the timing, always thinking about what and how I can find more financial support.

Maybe you are busy trying to get others to like you or maybe you have committed to far too many things. So here Jesus comes along and tells us….

Stop worrying about the details, stop spending every moment working on that. I know you think all these things need to be done, but there is truly only one thing that needs your focus and everything else will fall into place.

Seek me. I am here, by your side, the guest in your house and you’ve ignored me while you run around doing errands. Your thoughts are never considerate of me though I am hungry and thirsty for your attention. You care much more about how you look to others though I am the only one living in your house.

So stop! Stop and sit with me as Mary did. Talk to me, learn, and take comfort in my presence. If I want to take your attention away from preparations, I will make sure they get done in the time needed.

Seek me first and I will do the rest.

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