John 3:26

“Rabbi, that man who was with you on the other side of the Jordan- the one you testified about- look, he is baptizing and everyone is going to him.”

Within the context of this passage, John tells his disciples tat Jesus is greater, from heaven, the Son of God, so it is good people are going to Him.

I wanted to focus on only what John’s disciples asked in this passage and somewhat take it out of context.

I know when I read that sentence, I thought of myself. Often I see someone succeeding, thriving, and I ask God why? Everyone’s going to them. Everything good is happening to them. Everyone likes them.

First of all, just because everyone likes them or goes to them, doesn’t mean no one likes you or is coming to you. That is a lie from Satan. He often likes to get us to think in black and white, all or nothing. I’m loved or hated, etc.

Just as God bestowed upon Jesus (and because of Him we have this) power and in this passage an abundance of people, God also bestows on us gifts and blessings.

Our problem often is that we forget about our gifts and blessings for a time and look over like John’s disciples, “Everyone is going to him!” We begin to wonder what’s wrong with us and essentially we covet. It’s pretty obvious in the Bible that this is a common sin for people. Do not covet thy neighbor’s stuff, one of the 10 commandments.

Guess what? Do you even want to be “baptizing” throngs of people? What I mean is, do you truly want what someone else has? Their cares, worries, finances, job, relationships, insecurities, etc.?

I know, though I identify with John’s disciples, when I read that verse, I laugh at how ridiculous they are because people are going to Christ. Who cares who is getting more of them? Same goes to all of us. Our talents, skills, circumstances, are used for God’s glory. If more “people” are drawn towards another, rejoice that God is still being “glorified”. You’re not the only Christian servant in this world.


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