Rocky Mountains and A Rabbit Hole

Driving up to Estes Park and essentially Rocky Mountain National Park was beautiful. There’s this moment you have, where you are driving with orangeish rocks blocking your view and suddenly…. in front of you, are incredible snowy, unreal mountains. Everyone in the car reacted like their breath had been taken away.

In my mind, I thought, “This was worth it… coming to Colorado, just for this wow moment.” I’ve had that thought numerous times since I have gotten here. Not just in reaction to beauty, but in interactions with others, friendships, tasks, and my own personal growth.

I’ve just never seen such a spectacularly powerful view. I’ve seen Yellowstone, which takes your breath away because of it’s amazing wildlife and geysers. I’ve seen Niagara, which is so powerfully large and loud. I’ve seen the Grand Canyon, a wide expanse of red rock and the tiny Colorado river within it.

So, I’m not sure why this was my biggest wow moment. Perhaps God just wanted it to be, to give me a special awed, child-like perspective. It could have been the fact that there was a town nestled in the middle of all these mountains. It was picturesque.

This was my best day in Colorado by far. I know Coloradans are friendly and I’ve met some very nice people. But, maybe because I am in the city, most people have been fairly stand offish, they’re friendly, but it’s not comfortable with them.

I’ve never had more fun interacting with people at Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park. Humor was thrown out everywhere. People said hi when we hiked past them (never happens near Denver). People actually had advice to give is about the park. It was the first time I felt welcomed by Coloradans, other than by the incredibly kind people I am staying with and some choice others.

But I think there was a friendliness because it was a place of convergence. Mostly everyone wasn’t from Colorado, so we all needed to create an atmosphere of welcome and comfort.

What’s what the ministry I work with, International Students Inc., does! We create a home, a family, anywhere.

Which makes me wonder how much of a difference on person’s attitude can make in a place where things don’t feel that way? Could I have the confidence, conviction, and motivation to create that atmosphere wherever I go? To exude it, even if it means I’m uncomfortable for a while?

I’m not sure how this post turned into a conviction… well, yeah I do actually, the Holy Spirit has me there!

Just to return to the adventure topic. I also went to the best coffee shop ever: Coffee on the Rocks! It wasn’t the best coffee I’ve ever had, but it was a wonderful place.

The barista was friendly, gave one of us a local discount (I should have given him a bigger tip). He asked where each of us were from.

Oh, the best part! This coffee shop is a little cabin, sitting right by a little pond/lake with in the Rocky Mountains. I could just sit there forever.

Anyways, it was a wonderful wonderful day and I praise the Lord for it!


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