How Wreck It Ralph reminds me of my relationship with Christ

Once you start to look at life with the eyes of someone saved and loved by God, lots of things begin to relate to your walk: songs, movies, stories, events, etc.

Seems off that an animated movie would remind me of my relationship with Jesus, but it does and sometimes I watch it just to remind me of that fact. Of course not every single thing parallels to Jesus and us, but small bits and pieces, the overall moral of the story.

Wreck It Ralph always makes me smile and laugh, but cry as well, emotional tears. You see, Ralph is relateable to me and really to all of us probably! He’s an outcast. He’s considered a “villain” and he makes some not so great decisions. He lives in trash. He feels unloved.

Can you relate?

Yeah, yeah. None of u live inside a video game and fall asleep on top of bricks after crushing them with our iron cartoon fists… but I’m sure you’be felt cast off before, lonely, not special. Maybe you’ve felt like you can’t do anything right, no matter how hard you try.

So Ralph attempts to redeem himself and along the way meets Vanellope. In no way do I think Vanellope is Jesus, but his friendship with her is what reminds me of my friendship with Jesus.

By the end of the “adventure”, Ralph has given up trying to hard to win that gold medal and earn his way into the good guys club. He ends up being himself.

The part that makes me cry… and don’t laugh, is at the very end. Ralph is doing his sucky job, being thrown off a tall high rise, and he says it’s his favorite part of the day. Why you ask?

He’s at his lowest point, being humiliated, treated like the bad guy, and yet he calls it his highest moment because from that perspective he sees Vanellope doing her work.

Read this: “Because if that little kid likes me, how bad can I be?”

And tears are unleashed!!!!

What does this have to do with Jesus?

No matter how bad you are, no matter how sucky life is, how much people ignore you, how unloved and a lone you feel…. how bad can you or it be if Jesus likes you, well loves you actually?

I take two things from this. First, that sometimes you are put through your lowest moments, suffering, trials (Ralph being lifted up to be thrown off a building) so you can get a better view of Jesus (he sees Vanellope and is happy).

And secondly… no matter how others see you or treat you, you can remember that you are not that bad if Jesus loves you!


Take it as it is! 🙂

3 thoughts on “How Wreck It Ralph reminds me of my relationship with Christ

  1. Just now catching up with all of your blog postings over the last few months. Of course I love them all but have to comment on Wreck It Ralph, as we both love him. You had some pretty good insights into spiritual truths in that movie. Isn’t it cool how almost anything and everything has something in it to turn our eyes to Jesus. Love, Mar

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