The Purpose of Church?

John 12:43

“for they loved human praise more than praise from God.”

I sat reading this passage and blushed at my sin.

I had been searching for different churches in Colorado, because  I was going to be living there for 5 months.

At first, as I looked, my thoughts were honorable and pure enough. I wanted to get plugged in, find a community group, service, and maybe even serve.

It wasn’t long before my thoughts turned to fear and insecurities.

I can’t go to a new church. What if the people there don’t like me or ignore me? What if my friendliness makes me look weird? What if I wear the wrong clothes… and so on.

How often are we told to not allow people to take dominion in our hearts over the Lord? I’m not sure of the exact number, but it’s a lot.

I want my Lord to look down upon me in Colorado and see only praise and seeking for Him, not for human praise.


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