My Chosen Instrument

Acts 9:13-15

The bible is filled with unlikely people doing God’s work.

I love this part specifically in this passage, because of it’s application personally, as well as outwardly.

Ananias is a disciple, a follower of Jesus. The Lord chose him for this task with Saul, which makes me think, Ananias was a very faithful servant.

Despite that, Ananias can not help but prejudge Saul and doubt God’s plan.

How could such an evil man be used by God? Ananias is also probably fearful of Saul as well (Saul being known for murdering Christ followers), which causes him to distrust God.

So Ananias tells God who Saul is, as if the Lord doesn’t know, “I’ve heard about this man! He will arrest all who call on your name!”

You may sometimes be Saul in this passage. Perhaps someone has “heard” about you. It doesn’t have to mean your persecuting Jesus’ followers, though it could. It may be instead, that you can’t keep a job, all your relationships fail, your fearful, insecure, rude, harsh, any weakness you possess and people know about it. Or perhaps it’s all lies, but everyone still thinks that of you.

Then the Lord calls you to do something that goes against that. You might be a homebody and God calls you to be a missionary in another country. God calls you to speak in front of hundreds of people and you have chronic insecurity. In those situations, you will have an Ananias who doubts you and your ability. Could be yourself, others, and will definitely be Satan.

But, hear the words of the Lord, “This man/woman is my chosen instrument.” You are chosen by God to do this, no matter your weaknesses!

On the other hand, we can be Ananias in life. We easily look at others and prejudge. Why did that person get that job? They aren’t qualified. How come he/she is getting married? They’ve dated so many people. Whatever the thought, we do it, but God is in control.

And when we think those thoughts about others, hear God’s voice, “Go! That person is my chosen instrument!”

And that’s the end. Don’t fight God’s plan for yourself or others because He can do miracles.


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