Dear Younger Me…

There is a song by Mercy Me that has the line Dear Younger Me…

There is a novel called Letters to a Young Poet…

This has all started me on a journey of writing letters to my younger self or I may call it letters to a young christian woman. I think that I am actually making a book here, one filled with my own lessons, insecurities, passions, and wisdom. Here is one of my first letters….

Dear younger me,

Some mornings you will wake up, look at your reflection and see a loser. You’ll think how can anyone find you attractive or desirable in any way? And, no matter how you do your hair, what clothes you put on, and how much makeup you cake your beautiful face with, you will not feel good about who you are.

This, my dear, is insecurity. Insecurity will be a life long friend of yours that will continuously stab you in the back and drag you down. This is part of sin and your Savior will constantly help you fight it, speaking to you about how you are a princess, righteous, perfect, beautiful, and worth pursuing. Listen to Him!

But, as you grow older, you will have more days when you see your reflection and think, “Wow, I’m beautiful and I’m pretty cool too.” The devil will try to tell you this is pride and vanity, but let me tell you to embrace this increasing confidence.

Grab a hold of it and carry it throughout your day because that is Christ speaking to you! Telling you that you are all He created you to be!

So, go confidently and peacefully in that direction.


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