Dear Younger Me: A note on the 20’s

Dear Younger me,

The 20’s will be a difficult time. Whether you have your idea of a career, the perfect major or are completely undecided on all accounts, the 20’s will be a rough ride.

You might end up living with your parents for longer than you wish. Be humble and thankful for that.

You may submit resumes to job after job that you are extremely qualified for and yet get no interviews. Persevere and continue to learn and reapply. Nothing good comes easy.

You may start to see all your friends get engaged, become married, have children, while you remain single. Take advantage of that time: travel, make new friends, do things others can not as non single people. Don’t rush it and be patient.

You will feel lost. You won’t know what you’re doing most of the time and the future that looms a head of you will seem dark and daunting.

Bu listen to me:You will become more confident learning about yourself, solidifying your own qualities and beliefs that were fickle or wavering before.

You will become braver, facing challenges and fears that you could never have imagined, making you continuously feel as though you could do anything after facing that.

You will find dear friends. Some of these friendships will last a life time because they blossomed in the midst of a very unsure time in your life. Other friendships will be temporary, but God will have placed them in your life the exact moment you needed them and trust me, you will always remember them.

You will discover your passion or passions. You’ll learn what you hate  to do: you hate file work, you hate camping, you don’t like working with people, you even hate staying out until midnight doing whatever your friends like to do. You’ll find that you love binge watching tv shows on your day off, walking outside every day, writing and journaling. Through this, you’ll find a career path even if it ends up changing again and again.

Your faith will grow immensely. Through so many trials, so much uncertainty, the loss of your childhood, transition after transition, you have no choice but to depend on the Lord. Depend on His plans which will almost always be a mystery to you. Depend on His control which may seem absent at times, but never the less, it’s always there. Depend on His hope which will keep you joyful and positive even in the most desperate of times. Depend on His faithfulness and constancy which you will desperately hold onto while friends come and go and your circumstances do not stay the same ever. And, above all depend on His love through the times you are lonely, moving to a new place, eating a lone, when you are single, wishing you had someone to share your highs and lows, as well as experiences with, then you are ultimately disappointed with people and life, you will learn to always turn to the Savior’s love which will hold you up in the worst of times.

So people will tell you the 20’s are fun, you make new friends, find the love of your life, live independently, start your career, etc. I’m sorry to say, they will be the toughest years of your life, but like a piece of clay that is being molded, shaped and then is put into a fiery kiln to be solidified, you having been shaped growing up, are in extreme circumstances, in that kiln, facing huge trials, but out of that, the clay takes shape, molded and healed into what your meant to look like.

So have hope my friend and I tell you this in the midst of my 20’s, jobless, far away from home, single, and living with my parents…..have hope!


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