Dear Younger Me… Your Greatest Romance

Dear younger me,

Gradually, you will come to feel that the greatest romance of your life, the greatest lover of your heart, is Christ.

Will you always feel this way? No. You will still long for companionship. You’ll watch movies and feel all over an ache for the romance you see. You’ll see friends pair off, other couples, and have too many conflicting emotions about them: envy, joy, sadness, maybe even anger.

You will pray earnestly for a partner, sometimes desperately. Distractions will come.

But in the quiet spaces of your heart and mind, when you truly think about your life, your happiness, when it’s just you all a lone, you’ll feel completely whole and overwhelmed by His love and nothing else will matter.

So look forward to this, hold onto it. It won’t be perfect because you aren’t perfect, but it will be your refuge in life.


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