Dear Younger Me… Scars to your Beautiful

Dear Younger Me,

You may find yourself without any attention from guys. You won’t get asked out on a date or even to all the dances that pop out throughout your life. Boys will not tell you you’re beautiful and they will rarely flirt with you. While your friends seem to have boyfriend after boyfriend, you may start to wonder, what’s wrong?

Do not associate any of those things with your worth. Trust me, You are beautiful and though a guy has not said so, some of them are thinking it and your beauty is not defined by others. There’s nothing wrong with you either. Society may tell you it’s weird that you haven’t dated, haven’t even had a first kiss, but it’s not!

God could be protecting you from heart break, temptations, so many unseen things. Trust Him. He’s in control of your love life, as much as anything else.

And hold out. Hold out for a good, kind, Godly, funny, handsome guy who likes you and shows you that. Be proud of yourself for waiting. Feel beautiful, sexy, exciting, fun, cool, and wonderful all on your own before you bring someone else into your life.

God says your worth it! So don’t doubt Him for one second!


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