Colossians 3:11

Here there is no Gentile or Jew, circumcised or uncircumcised, barbarian, Scythian, slave or free, but Christ is in all.

For all our racist, judgmental tendencies, none of them are justified or come from the Lord.

I feel especially, in this time of fear and division, that God does not allow His children to even begin to categorize people.

Whatever you may want for immigration policies or marriage rights, God calls us to see Christ in all!

Think about how all that energy we use, to argue with others about how our side is right, could be used to actually love someone. Instead of glorifying immigration reform policies, go and get to know immigrants. Serve them, love on them. Instead of chastising any LGBT person, meet them, hear their story.

Jesus never went to a sinner (prostitutes, the sexually immoral, thieves) and judged them or even argued with them about how wrong they were.

No, Jesus told them about something better.

The woman at the well could easily be comparable to anyone with a different sexual orientation and life style than you. Jesus did not point out her sin in a judgmental way or tell her she’s wrong or hope for a law to be implaced to punish her. Jesus told her a solution, that she could drink from a well and never become thirsty, that He was the answer.

The sexually immoral woman that people were going to stone, which was essentially their “law”, Jesus stopped. Jesus would rather forgive, love, and teach the gospel to someone than enforce the world’s law onto them.

Jesus is meant for everyone, but when we place people in boxes because of laws, policies, misconceptions, stereotypes, etc., we’ve already shown that person that we believe them to be unworthy and unequal to us. Remember Christ  is in all: Jew or Gentile, Mexican or Chinese, woman or man, straight or gay. We are taught to treat each equally and tell them all the gospel truth. Don’t spend your energy elsewhere.


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