The Maybes

Dear Younger me,

You will have moments when you get ahead of yourself with your emotions, particularly with guys.

As you grow older, looking for “the one”, you’ll find yourself searching for him often, even in randomness.

Each new young man you meet who fits whatever criteria you have in your mind will be a huge question mark, a possibility. Often times that question mark will be destroyed in the most painful of ways; he doesn’t like you, he’s taken, he’s not religious, etc. It will hurt and don’t you dare think your hurting is silly.

You’re allowed to hope and to admire the qualities in another so much, honoring them with your dreams of a possible future together.

But please younger me, do not let the times when the maybe is a no cause you to become bitter. God’s timing for you is perfect. Don’t let it cause you to covet. If he belongs to someone else, trust that God has someone just as perfect for you lined up. Don’t lower your standards. God will honor you for honoring Him. Don’t rush it. Enjoy the ride of singleness.

I know the maybes hurt, I’ve had my fair share of them, but just keep reminding yourself, there’s something better!


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