Dear Younger me, Allow others to be

Dear younger me,

Allow your friends to be the friend they are to you.

I do not mean let them treat you poorly, hurt you, or ignore you. When that happens, you need to set some boundaries or walk away.

No, I just mean you can expect all you want from your friends, but they are going to be who they are going to be.

I’ve spent so much of my life wishing certain friends would want to spend more time with me or they would say certain perfect things or react in a certain way. Sometimes, I desperately wanted some of my friends to be and act like a best friend, but they never did.

I continue to learn that even if they aren’t what you expected or they disappoint you greatly, each of them plays a special part in your life.

I pray you come to a place of peace where even if one of your friends is flaky or surfacey or rarely sees you, you still enjoy and embrace who they are in your life and you especially never allow their lack of friendship to chance your mood or view of yourself.

Each person can only give you so much. Yes, you absolutely deserve more, we all do, but constantly wanting and needing more from others will make you miserable.

Accept what others give to you, no matter how much or little. Trust that God gives you exactly what you need.


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