Set in Motion

Are we not called to center our entire being in the Lord?

Well, could it be that is a painful process?

This is why we should always thank Him, even in our most painful moments, because He uses it to draw us closer to Him. Because whatever happens, not only reveals another side of our sinful flesh, but also the voice of the Spirit we may not have listened to before.

It’s a battlefield, one moment can set in motion a huge spiritual war with in you, one in which you know the true ending to, but it can feel like you’re being ripped a part.

Perhaps it feels that way because you are literally being ripped a part, as the Lord helps you remove that part of you which is sinful and a part from Him, often times, you have no idea what He is removing, so, the process is confusing, long lasting, and exhausting.

The Lord doesn’t just shape you, sometimes painfully, He also offers you His peace. He says He will always be with you. Be still and know that I am God. He will do the fighting for us if we place our faith in Him and continue to trust Him through the process.

I have felt lonely, aching, opposed, discouraged, weary, and even a little bit hopeless. I believe He can feel ALL of that and so my faith is not shaken. I haven’t questioned God’s sovereignty, His sacrifice, His grace, His character, or His love. My faith has remained steadfast. I like to think all this pain is only happening because God is merging another part of His soul into mine.

It hurts, but oh, is it worth it!


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