Dear Younger Me… Waiting is Honorable

Dear Younger Me,

Waiting is honorable.

Society, friends, movies, satan, will constantly try to tell you and make you feel like not dating, not having sex, not having your first kiss, is weird and embarrassing.

I’ve felt that numerous times, that perhaps, there is something wrong with me to be a 23 year old without her first boyfriend, without her first kiss, without even a date or two. Every time a person asks me, “Any guy in your life?” I have to feel awkward. I always feel like I have to make up excuses or defend myself and choices.

But guess what? Waiting is honorable! I won’t stand for anything less than what God brings into my heart. Yes, and this had caused years of singlehood, years of not being asked out in school, years of hearing people laugh and belittle me when I tell them I’ve never had a first kiss, and eventually, years of watching others find their happiness in a relationship.

But these years also brought confidence in my own beliefs, likes, personality. They brought dear friendships and opportunities in life that couldn’t have happened otherwise. They brought contentment, growth, wisdom, and experience, and they brought me 23 years of relying and trusting in my Lord.

It’s not always easy…. waiting, but it’s always honorable my dear, honorable and brave.


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