The Heroines of our Life

Dear  Younger me,

Continue to look up to women who are strong, hard working, loyal, brave, and yet still women.

Your Aunt Peggy, full of faith, persevering through great tragedy, and still making life joyful with her laughter.

Your mother, unapologetically friendly, unashamedly sweet, and incredibly fun.

Your sister, so brave, so dedicated, devoted, passionate, and so deeply loving.

Don’t hesitate to love those female characters who embodied all of those.

Anne Elliot, who is kind, quiet, humble, and patient.

Buffy Summers, who is tough, brave, selfless, and emotional.

Leslie Knope, who is spunky, goofy, fun, and hard working.

These are the women to look up to, the ones who fight for what they love, find joy in darkness, and live loving those around them. And most importantly, are confident in who they are.

Find someone who inspires you to live a better life and that is a good female role model.



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