Give me Jesus

Jeremy Camp’s song, Give me Jesus

You can have all this world

Give me Jesus

I wonder, as I listen to that song, what if we lived that way? What if we truly put our value, our interests, our hopes, our everything in Jesus and allowed worldly things to have little weight in our lives?

Recently, I had been sick for a week with a cold. The sickness seemed to not only affect my body, but my mind, attitude, words, and feelings. I failed so many times that week in my spiritual life. Perhaps I failed in what seemed  very small ways to others, but none the less, I felt convicted.

I spent too much time thinking about worldly things, from boys to money, even thinking curse words in my mind when something happened. I texted and spoke to people without thinking first, allowing my flesh to lead over God’s spirit. I spent too much time browsing Facebook and Buzzfeed.

* You get the point.

So, when I listened to that song one morning, I was so refreshed by those words. After a full week of disobeying God, my spirit was craving Jesus.

You can have all this world. If we spent less time watching tv, commenting on social media, worrying about other people’s opinions, the clothes we wear, the next task we have to do, we would be used by God for something greater.

Think about how much more free time you would have if checking facebook or buying that perfect outfit didn’t matter. You would be free to hear the Spirit’s leading. You would be free to meditate on His word, to feel His love and peace, to serve others, to encourage someone, to give, to love.

Just give me Jesus. I pray for you and I that we would start to only want Jesus and none of these worldly treasures. I pray our heart would crave Him so much, that everything else just doesn’t seem to matter as much.


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