The Hard Days

Dear Younger Me,

Some days are harder than others. The weight of the world will feel like it is crushing you and adding people to your day only makes it worse.

Essentially, you feel overwhelmed.

I promise you those days will come and there’s  only one good thing about them- a revelation you will have. It may come early or maybe after you’ve cried your eyes out and eaten an insane amount of chocolate.

Because you are overwhelmed and there’s no escaping it: you have to go to work, you have to meet with friends, you have to feed yourself, drive somewhere, wake up, etc. There’s no way out. Because of that, you’ll only have one place to turn.

You’ll turn to God, knowing with peace and joy that no matter where He has you, He’s got your back.

You may be overwhelmed, but He isn’t and He won’t ever be.

You look to Him and I promise you, you will get through it!


Painting by Connie Townsend


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