Growing Up Wild

I watched Growing Up Wild in honor of World Wildlife Day a few weeks ago.

The documentary follows the stories of 5 different wild animals. It’s done in a kid friendly way because it was made by Disney. Yet, I still got emotional.

One of the stories follows a baby Toque macaque monkey. We learn immediately that there is a social order in this monkey troop and our baby monkey is at the very bottom. He finds himself unloved. He starves. He’s rejected, ignored, unprotected. Cue tears!

Just when it looked like our baby monkey was so alone, devastated, and essentially dying from starvation, something miraculously occurs. The male leader of the troop, decides to adopt him as his own, meaning: love, protection, acceptance, food, and nurture for the little one.

This really struck me. I can’t help but think of God. Here we all are, some so alone, so scared. Some of us feeling unloved and ignored. Many feeling unsafe. Even some truly starving. We might be at the bottom of society. Yet, here Jesus comes. He adopts us as His own. He offers love, protection, nourishment, and salvation. What a beautiful image!

Then later in the film, another troop threatens our troop. Our male leader fights another and wins, but he seems to disappear. Our baby monkey is alone again, losing his only protector. Suddenly, our male leader returns and instantly comforts his adopted son.

Again, this reminds me of God. He fights our battles. He is king. When we feel he has disappeared, He hasn’t. He’s seconds away from returning you to His arms!


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