Are you ready?

Dear Younger Me,

There may come a day when you feel you are ready. You’re ready for “the one”.

You love God. You’re fulfilled by Him. You know Your worth is only in Him. You know yourself well. You have made friends with loneliness. You’ve embraced your single years. You are ready! That’s the truth!

So, why haven’t you met him yet? Where is he?

Just remember that you may be ready, but perhaps he’s out there still growing. He may not be ready.

In that case, you don’t want to meet him until he is the partner the Lord has made for you. And you certainly do not want anyone else.

Continue to trust in the Lord’s timing, but also know, you could absolutely be ready, but that can still mean wait.


3 thoughts on “Are you ready?

  1. “Just remember that you may be ready, but perhaps he’s out there still growing. He may not be ready.” 100% yes!

    I’m kind of striving toward this mature mentality for the trying to conceive journey. We always seem to want more after God blesses us! But singleness provides good things just as well as marriage does, just in different forms. So I know you know to enjoy it while you have it.

    My most transformative year was when I was single after being in a 4.5 year relationship. I got to learn how to define my worth in God– not boyfriends or being a star student or anything else.

    Now I’ve been married a few years and want a family. I need to enjoy the blessing of being JUST my husband and I until God has prepared the circumstances for us to add to the Maxwell House, just like he is preparing the right man for you! I will celebrate with you when that happens!

    • Thanks! I appreciate your encouragement.
      Most of the time, I treasure being single. However, every single person has a different story. Mine just happens to be that I have always been single… so this isn’t just a 5 year season haha, but I believe even in that difference, God knows exactly how long we need and He has a perfect plan.
      Same certainly goes for you and your little one. God will lead you. Take joy in so many of the other things He has blessed you with. I was reading a book that talked about how we often take God’s blessings and complain about something that’s missing in it. Though what you are going through is hard and I can’t even begin to relate, thank Him for life, for living in the U.S., for freedom of religion, for a car, for a home, for a husband, for breath! As you clearly know, you can’t rush Him, you can only trust Him. 🙂

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