His Time or Mine?

There were so many great truths in Pastor Des’s sermon some time ago.

I personally love when a “typical Sunday School” passage can mean so much to us in our different stages of life.

In the story of the feeding of 5 thousand, Des felt the calling to trust in God even if it doesn’t add up. There are 5 loaves- and 2 fish, 5 thousand people to feed, it’s impossible! But not with our God!

Des’s reminder gave me a renewal in energy and hope.

After having a couple of long and stressful weeks myself, I found another truth in this story that the holy Spirit (and Des) helped me reach.

Jesus had gathered his disciples together and told them they would get in the boat to retreat and rest in a solitary place. Yes, Jesus is fully man and fully God. However, He feels just like us. He was probably tired, weary, and as Des pointed out, mourning over the death of John the Baptist. A rest seems in order for both Him and the disciples.

Yet, they go to their solitary place and hungry, thirsty, helpless crowds follow them.

Rather than seeing the crowd and turning them away, Jesus had compassion on them. He welcomed them.

That’s where I felt a conviction: my time, my day, belongs to God.

Even after a tiring week, He can still use me in others’ lives. Perhaps I want to go home to rest, but my friend needs help with a paper or with babysitting. Perhaps I see someone drop a million papers.

Am I going to respond like Jesus? Will I trade my own time for His time?

What will you do when He calls you to serve even when you feel tired?

Jesus welcomed it.


3 thoughts on “His Time or Mine?

  1. I’m convicted of not doing in the day what GOD wants me to do– regardless of if it was a tiring/busy day or not. And God is so good that He may urge us to rest sometimes too! But you’re convictions are mine too– maybe being called to help someone in time or effort even when all we wanna do is rest.

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