Something struck me in Des’s sermon on the unexpected guest.

He mentioned that the perfume the sinful woman used on Jesus’ feet was a tool of her trade (most likely in her prostitution). Yet, she was giving it to Jesus, asking Him to not only to redeem it, but to use it as an anointing.

This got me wondering, can we take the “tools” in our life, the moments when we have sinned, and give them to Jesus to redeem them, even anoint them?

Think about your lowest moment, when you strayed far away from God’s path for you. God, Jesus, has already redeemed that moment through His death on the cross. But, He can also anoint that moment, using it for good.

Oftentimes our lowest moments, God uses for His glory. When we struggle with purity for years and God uses that to help someone else struggling with purity later on in life. That is God taking our bad experiences and using them to help others draw closer to Him.

Just as the sinful woman is remembered for perfuming His feet, taking her sinful past and using it to glorify Him, we can hand over our bad experiences, our low moments to Jesus for Him to use for His glory.


Painting: Copyright Daniel F. Gerhartz.


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