Just Dance

Dear Younger me,

I am in no way a health expert. I enjoy eating far too much and hate things like running or hot yoga.

I was, honestly, an overweight child; something that caused me to have insecurity about my appearance at a young age.

I can’t give you a diet regiment or exercise plan to explain why I have thinned out. It was a combination of puberty and perhaps eating less out of boredom and more because I was actually hungry.

Know now, above all else, that you’re beautiful no matter what the scale says or the tv tells you what “all” women should look like. God made you. He finds you incredibly beautiful.

I’ve never been athletic, probably because, as an overweight kid, I felt ashamed of my lack of endurance and lack of skill in sports. Basically, I was embarrassed. I still haven’t caught onto the sports playing craze and I am still far too self-conscious to play a number of team sports, even if it’s for “fun”.

Again, I am no health expert, but I do believe no matter how athletic you are, you can find something active you truly enjoy. Others may not think of it as a real exercise, but honestly, who cares? I loved doing Richard Simmons aerobics as a kid and now, I love walking, and doing 30 minutes of Just Dance each day.

Most people would tease me for my choice of workout, but the jokes on them, because I actually want to exercise and I always have a blast doing it.

Whatever it is for you- swimming, walking, goat yoga 😉, zumba, workouts to tv shows or movies- YOU DO IT PROUDLY!

If it helps, just imagine me doing Just Dance in my tiny room in my apartment and having the time of my life.