Dear Younger me Stop Guessing and Wait

Dear Younger me,
Stop trying to guess what God has up His sleeves for you. You’ll take the fun out of life.
Besides, whatever you guess, will fall incredibly short of His plans for you.
He loves you more than anything in the world.


Dear Younger me,

Wait. There’s no need to rush.
Right now it may seem like if you don’t act, the chance will slip away.
If we are talking about relationships, you don’t have to jump into them.
If a guy likes you in the right way, the unselfish way, he’ll stick around.
If you’re unsure, if your emotions aren’t clear, do him and yourself a favor and be patient.
If he goes away, he wasn’t worth it and you won’t have missed your chance. You will have missed some heart break.
Stop moving forward without checking the path ahead of you.
Take your time. Get to know him. Know your own feelings. It will be worth the wait.

“The One”

Everyone in this world is looking for “the One”, their soul mate, that one true love! I used to be too, but now I know it doesn’t exist. Not to say there isn’t someone out there for you, who can be a partner, friend, companion for the rest of your days, but “the one” is not that guy or girl you have been searching for all your life.

Jesus is the One! To quote a classic romantic love song, “He is all you’ll ever hope for, He’s all you’ll ever need”. And truth be told, He is the only one who can meet those romantic movie expectations of Yours.

Sadly, even followers of Jesus walk around waiting for “the One”, acting like they haven’t already found Him. Wake up! You have! He’s here and He’ll never leave you. Stop searching for that magical soul mate, because Jesus knows your soul better than any boy or girl ever could.

Dear Younger me, Butterflies and Trust

Dear Younger me,

It’s okay to feel nervous. Over time, as you learn to trust in the Lord, those nerves will disappear because you will hand it all over to Him. This takes time!

I’ve learned to see scary moments as opportunities to have an adventure with God. Somehow this keeps the butterflies and queasiness at bay, but it took different experiences to get me here and it’s still not perfect.

Nerves and fear even still can give me that anxious dread in the pit of my stomach. However, I think it’s okay to feel that. If you are still, in your nervousness, sitting there, trusting Him, calling on His name, praising Him, you are still choosing the right path and winning a spiritual battle.

If you keep choosing to trust Him, even in your fear, He’ll honor that and those butterflies will slowly fade away.