Love is Patient

I never really thought about the order of Corinthians 13:4-7. These verses were always the beautiful lines you hear at weddings, “love is patient, love is kind.”

Wait! Why does patient come before kind? Why is it the first way love is described?

Maybe Paul meant nothing deep by starting with patient, but it struck a chord in me.

The truth is, in this world, love is rarely patient. From teenagers kissing and dating to adults going too fast and too far, very rarely do you find patience in relationships.

Let’s examine another famous saying, “good things come to those who wait.” Do you believe that?
I know, sometimes I don’t!
Yet look at school. We spend at least 12 years in school, learning,growing, understanding, so we may graduate and get a better job or get into a good college. We can’t rush through because if we did, we probably wouldn’t be as prepared for a job or college.

I realize this is a disconnected example, but my heart and mind are beginning to understand and treasure how romantic and valuable patience is in love. When has taking time to get to know someone ever hurt a relationship in the long run? Would you feel more loved by a guy or girl immediately asking you out and skipping straight to physical intimacy or if they told you they’d like to get to know who you are and respect you as a person? We all go too far too fast.

I’ve recently started admiring a certain man I know and my first instinct was to start imagining him liking me back and asking me out. My initial wish and prayer was that we would get together, that he would pursue me. Yet, I do not even know this man all that well.

I began to realize my thoughts. I told myself to stop and instead pray that he and I would have chances to get to know one another.

I do think some people know from the start that they’ve found the one, but I think more often than not taking your time, slowing things down, won’t hurt things and may even reveal the other person’s character because real love is patient.

Rushing is not Godly while patience comes directly from the Holy Spirit.

Dear Younger Me, Just Because

Dear Younger me,

Just because a man is good, kind, handsome, Godly, etc., and you are also a pretty darn good catch, doesn’t mean you’ll end up together.

If he doesn’t like you, that doesn’t mean you are less. Your identity, your awesomeness is not tied to him.

God loves you and if a good guy like that is not your possible partner, then trust that the Lord has something even better up His sleeve. Don’t start questioning the person you are. Start identifying the ways God has made you and blessed you.