Minor Musings During Movies: Samwise

I want to be a friend like Samwise Gamgee.

I can be compassionate, loving, kind, and many other things to my friends, but there always comes a time where I wish I got something in return, I wish my compassion was acknowledged, I wish it was reciprocated. But Sam, he doesn’t care. He loyally follows Frodo from the Shire to Mordor with nothing in return. He shares his hopes with Frodo, he watches over him, he loves him.

Even when Frodo tells Sam to go away, Sam returns, knowing full well that Frodo may not want him there. And again, in the end, Sam is one of the greatest heroes of the story, yet where is the acknowledgement for him…where is, even, the excited reunion from the other fellowship members.

Yes, I’d like to be a friend like Sam. Pouring out myself completely with no expectation ever of anything in return. Doing it out of humble love.


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