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All right, let’s talk about Frodo.

No, this is not an article arguing for why Frodo is not a terrible character. Though, I do honestly believe none of us would be able to do what Frodo did.

This is, however, about the moment Frodo is literally trapped in a spider web. He’s rejected his dearest friend, he’s breaking a part of exhaustion in every way because of the ring, he’s far from home, he probably wishes he were dead. If it weren’t bad enough, he gets bitten by a spider, spun into a web cocoon, and taken away by orcs. What the dickens?

Yet, this terrible scenario ends up being his saving grace. The orcs fight for Frodo’s stuff, and kill each other, leaving the way open for Frodo and Sam, leaving them armor and costumes to dress in and sneak into Mordor with. Without those terrible events, they may have not gotten through to Mordor.

How does that make you feel about the bad things that happen in your life – as bad as being bitten by a giant spider and kidnapped by orcs?

Somehow, God can use the worst things to lead to better things. Perhaps that situation leads to an open door somewhere that could have never opened without it.

Is the pain or sorrow lessened? Absolutely not.

It sucks. It sucks to carry an evil ring, almost die numerous times, and betray your friend, but it could just bring you to victory, safety, and hope!


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