Damaged Goods

Car repairs suck!
They’re always a hassle and nearly always incredible expensive.

Just within this past year, I have had to get two car repair type jobs done to my Sonata and they both were through the roof expensive. After I damaged my car this second time, I began to notice all the other cars driving around me that were broken, dent, and “blemished” in some way.

This got me thinking about my mistakes and the universal truth that everybody makes them. None of us are left without dents and scrapes. If we look around or listen, we will see and hear that everyone has failed in some way and has been hurt by it, “damaged”.

Once there’s damage, you have to go get it repaired, right? For a car, repair costs are high, it takes time, hurts your pride, and basically, it’s all on you. No one can bail you out. Sure, insurance pays for a lot (if you have it), but you still have to pay the consequences.

It’s not the same for us. Believe it or not, someone does bail us out, pays the cost of repairs- Jesus. We all walk around with hurt. We all mess up, but God heals that and pays for it. We should face the consequences, we should be forever separated from God, but instead, He chooses to step in, with His son, and pay the price.

Just like some cars, we all have some dents and scrapes, but we don’t have to ever pay for our mistakes because our Savior already did.


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