Dear Younger Me, Drive Safe

Dear Younger Me,

You’ll find that driving can bring out the worst in people…. Even you!

A person cuts you off, is driving weird, too slow, too fast, and you respond by calling him/her a name, speeding past, or glaring at them as you drive by them.

I’ve found, if you allow yourself to continue to respond this way, it will get worst and driving will simply consist of hating the entire world out loud.

Have you ever been driving behind someone super slow and sped by them angrily only to see a little old man or lady behind the wheel? It’s hard not to change your attitude and feel sympathy.

That’s how you should look at everyone while driving, because somehow, even they are part of God’s plan for you to change you into an image bearer of Christ.


2 thoughts on “Dear Younger Me, Drive Safe

  1. Having a church sticker on my car keeps me accountable as a better driver; if I were to be a jerk on the road, I would be giving my church or CHRISTIANS a bad name on the road 😛

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