Dear Younger Me, Entitlement is not Godly

Wrote this a while back, but the sermon at my church talked about pride and arrogance today and I felt this fit with the theme:


Dear Younger Me,

You look at the idea of pride and arrogance and feel so disconnected from those things.

Perhaps your pride and arrogance isn’t as flashy or loud as many others, but you suffer from it too.

When you feel entitled to something. When someone is thanking people for the good work they do and they forget you, when you are dedicated and loyal to a person or place, but it seems to make no difference to anyone. When those things consume your thoughts, when you constantly notice them and say woe is me, that’s pride and arrogance.

Yes, it would be nice to be remembered or recognized, but it’s not all about you.

So, when your mind starts to keep track of those moments, push that thought away and replace it with the truth that you are meant to be a servant, like Jesus, humble and selfless. You are entitled to nothing, but by God’s grace you have been given new life.


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